{Monthly Morsels} November Edition

Things  you should know November @katiecavutoRDI am constantly amazed at how quickly the fall months seem to fly by. Here we are, a few weeks from Christmas! November was a great month. I used  Thanksgiving  as a motivation to focus on giving thanks and  fostering gratitude which is always so rewarding. Now, with the holidays in full-swing, I have shifted my energy towards giving back! Check in often as we have a few really great giveaways planned to “give back” to all of you! In the meantime, here is a recap of this past months highlights!

{Nourish} : Our most popular recipe post during the month of November was this DIY Buddha Bowl I personally love this concept because anything goes. Your ingredients can shift with the season and this bowl full of goodness is a great way to clean out the fridge! Give it a go for lunch or dinner–you really can’t go wrong when it comes to a bowl of plant based goodies. The more colorful the better as the colors equate to antioxidants which are great immune boosters. Think of it this way–you can fight off cold and flu season with a colorful concoction like this!












I had a magical month from a travel standpoint! Early in the month I had the opportunity to visit San Diego for work. The highlight? My time on the water! I made it a point to schedule in a paddle board yoga session which really feeds my soul. Yoga on the water–in the sunshine–it is pure bliss.










{Thrive} As I mentioned above–gratitude was a resounding theme this month. We celebrated 10 Days of Gratitude with all of you and my post on Eating with gratitude was really well-received.  Food should be joyful and this is a great time to remind ourselves of this simple concept.  When we focus on eating to nourish our bodies we naturally feel gratitude towards food and are more likely to choose whole, unprocessed foods that actually make our bodies feel good. Mindful eating also allows us the opportunity to enjoy the foods we love in a more satisfying way (without overdoing it). I recommend revisiting this post as a gentle reminder that will keep you on track and allow you to enjoy all of the holiday gatherings that take place this time of year.










{Monthly Musings} 

Yes, I am passionate about food and nutrition but I am equally as passionate about mindfulness and this touches so many aspects of our life. It is so important to be aware of the many hazardous environmental toxins we expose ourselves to on a daily basis as they can be disease causing. I have dedicated aspects of this blog to educating you on ways to avoid these toxins from DIY cleaning products to providing you with my picks for safer products and ways to decrease your exposure. That being said, I am pleased to announce that I am taking this one step further by partnering with Beauty Counter. Beauty counter creates safe and effective skin care and cosmetics for women and their families. They also dedicate a ton of energy toward education and policy change as the US currently does not regulate the chemicals in these products (eek!). Stay tuned for a more in-depth post that will introduce the brand.

In the meantime, stock up on their amazing products (from lotions and shampoo to anti-aging products and make-up–they have you covered!) and while you are at it–give the gift of health this holiday season by sharing them with your friends and family. It feels great to know you can one-stop shop for beauty products that you can trust!

beauty counter







{My month in the media} Here are a few of my notable articles and videos from the past month!

Daily meal videos: This month I filmed a few videos for the Daily Meal. Check them out for yourself!

{Stumped?} Nutrition and wellness information can be bountiful and confusing. Ask your questions and I will simplify the messages for you! Leave questions in the comments and I will do my best to answer them on the blog this month! 



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