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Today’s Mindful Monday post is a bit of a departure from past topics though it is equally as important. Mindfulness is a useful tool for so many aspects of our lives include the beauty products we choose to use for ourselves and our children. In the US, the personal care industry is not regulated. The result, companies are allowed to use a slew of toxic chemicals in beauty products and they do not have to disclose this information. These toxins have been know to cause allergies, diseases including cancer. Fortunately, consumers are asking more questions and demanding products that they can feel safe using.

We have the right to know what ingredients are in the products we use. We deserve truthful information as well as clean, chemical-free products including our food, cleaning products and beauty products.

{Scary Stuff}

  • There are over 80,000 chemicals used in commercially available products- any many do not have safety data.
  • Only 10% of  of the chemicals found in beauty products have safety data
  • The United States has not passed a federal law regulating what companies can put in personal care products since 1938
  • In the past 20 years the US has banned a mere 11 ingredients found in personal care products–the European union has banned 1,300.
  • Research has shown the connection between toxic chemicals exposure and disease.

{Did You Know} The average woman uses 12 beauty products each day!

Curious if you fall into that category? Consider this: face wash, face and body lotion, concealer, blush, lip gloss, eye shadow, mascara, bronzer, tanning creams, sun screen, deodorant, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, shaving cream, and hair products.  If you are not choosing safe products- you may be exposing yourself to hundreds of toxic chemicals before you even leave the house in the morning!

{Absorb This} Birth control and nicotine patches are used because your skin is a conduit to the rest of your body. If hormones and nicotine can be absorbed through your skin then so can all of the chemicals that exist in your beauty products.

{Now What?} You might be having a “whoa” moment but that is okay. Collecting information allows you to make mindful decisions that you can feel good about. Curious if your favorite products are safe? Head to The Environmental Working Groups website and enter your beauty products into their skin deep program. It will rate the products toxicity down to each ingredient. It can be a bit overwhelming but it is better to be in the know! They have a great program that rates your cleaning products as well as food products too.

{Better Beauty} My personal mantra is this: “if it is controversial, air on the side of caution”. I don’t risk it. I choose products that disclose their ingredients and that I know are clean and toxin-free.

{One Stop Shopping}: My life is busy so I appreciate simplicity. That is why I love Beautycounter. It is one stop shopping for all of my beauty care needs. Beautycounter is dedicated to providing better beauty products that are as effective as them chemical laden counterparts. The quality is remarkable. Founded by a mom that was fed up with the lack of clean products available to consumers, Beautycounter uses toxin-free ingredients, discloses each ingredient and has made it their mission to fight for policy changes so that harmful chemicals are banned once and for all! I find comfort in  their never list– it  includes over 1500 ingredients that are potentially harmful. Better yet, they provide a full list (including the source) of the ingredients they use in their products.

{My Favorites} Ready to shop? You are going to love these products and they make great gifts for friends and family. Why? You are giving the gift of better beauty and educating your loved ones at the same time.

The Body Collection: Honestly, I don’t use many beauty products and try to limit makeup as much as possible– so the basics, like shampoo, are super important to me. This collection includes shampoo, conditioner, body wash and body lotion! Note: You slather lotion all of your body so that ranks this product as one of the most important clean beauty products you can buy!

beauty counter body lotion










Kidscounter Bath Collection: I have always been diligent about the products I use for Hudson so I was instantly in love with the fact they there was a kids line I could confidently use.  This collection includes body wash, shampoo and conditioner for your little loves.

beauty counter kids









Lustro Shimmer Oil: One of the most popular products on the site, this shimmer oil will add a touch of bronze to your cheeks, body and even your hair. Say good-bye to toxic spray tans and tanning lotions.

beauty counter shimmer oil









Dew Skin Moisturizing Coverage : This is a really popular item as tinted moisturizers are all the rage! This 3 in 1 product will moisturize you face, provide sun protection with 20 SPF and give you that crave-worthy sun-kissed glow.

beauty counter tinted moisturizer










Touch-up Skin Concealer Pen:  This is the perfect cover-up pen for under eyes and dark spots.  This concealer has an ingredient called knotgrass extract which reduces the appearance of fine lines.

beauty counter concealer











Color Contour Matte Bronzer : While I don’t pile on the make-up I love bronzer as it provides that beautiful glow we all desire.  This product is free of heavy-metals (which are toxic) and instead it boasts antioxidant and moisturizing properties!

beauty counter bronzer










Lip Gloss: Let’s be real–you ingest whatever you put on your lips so it better be good for you! I love this gloss because it isn’t sticky of goopy though it delivers the perfect amount of shine to your lips. It is 100% free of BHT, a cancer causing chemical found in many lip products.

beauty counter lip gloss









Protect SPF All Over Sunscreen: Like body lotion, we slather sunscreen on our entire body so it tops the list for must-have products. This sunscreen is a steak-free loti

on that provides sun protection as well as aloe vera to hydrate your skin.

beauty counter sun screen










I am a Beauty Counter Consultant.  When ordering, please enter my name as your consultant.  If you make a purchase and use my name, I will receive a small commission.  You do not pay the commission, it is paid by a third party. Opinions expressed here are my own and I only recommend products I would personally use.


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