{Monthly Morsels} October Edition

Things you should know October @katiecavutoRDOctober was a blast! I started off the month in Nashville for the annual Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo and I’ll share a few highlights below! After that, the month seemed to be packed Wellness Day talks for Unite For Her–a local organization that empowers newly diagnosed breast cancer patients and provides them with free services like acupuncture, yoga and of course, Nutrition. I spent tons of time in-home with our participants teaching them to cook up healthy meals! I find this time to be truly gratifying. Other than that–I celebrated pumpkins, persimmons winter squash and, of course, Halloween! Here is a recap of the highlights!

{Nourish}: This months most popular post was the RD inspired soup recipe round up! As the weather cools there is nothing better than a bowlful of soup or stew. Hello cozy comfort! If you have not had a chance–check out the delicious soup recipes we compiled from some of my fellow RD bloggers. 

healthy soups and stew









{Nutrition Tip of Month} : Winter squash is a nutrition powerhouse–packed with fiber and vitamin A which is a powerful antioxidant. Don’t let their hard outer shell fool you–they cook up to be tender, sweet and soulful. Check out my article from Philly.com on Healthy Ways to Cook with Winter Squash and here is a simple butternut squash hack: roast it (whole) for a few minutes to soften the skin–you can then peel it with ease!

{Breathe} : I wrote a Mindful Monday post on the power of taking one breath. Yes! Just one! Check it out–it was one of my favorite posts of the month and I loved reading all of your feedback as I challenged you to stop what you were doing and breathe. Try it now. You’ll be amazed at the results! Take a deep breath. Want to read more? Here is my blog on the power of ONE deep breath.

meditation and the power of your breath








{Thrive} : With the holidays quickly approaching, this is a great time to hone in on your gratitude practices. Instead of dreading holiday weight gain consider finding gratitude in every bite of delicious food you take! Check out the post on eating with gratitude. This is a wonderful reminder you can carry with you over the next few weeks. Check in on Monday as we will be launching “10 Days of Gratitude” as a count down to the big day of giving thanks! I hope you will participate and share with our community all that you are grateful for! The more inspiration the better!

eating with gratitude









{Monthly Musings}:

  • One of the highlights of the month was seeing my tips in print in Yoga Journal! I was thrilled to be included in this article on healthy snacking before yoga!
  • The food and nutrition conference in Nashville was a whirl wind of work and catch-up with friends. The highlights for me included a visit to the local farmers market and a food photography class hosted by Daisy Cottage Cheese! Even more exciting was that my picture and Daisy Cottage Cheese Pairing was the winner! I paired Daisy with plums, chia and maple. Yum.
  • Lastly, Halloween was a blast! Hudson dressed up as a train conductor and Ashli and I joined in on the fun 🙂

Cottage Cheese with Plums and Maple

Happy Halloween









Noteworthy new goodies:

Lets chat persimmons for a moment. I think they can be a scary ingredient if you are not comfortable with them. Here are the deets:

  • Persimmons are in season from October through February
  • There are two types of persimmons: Fuyu and Hachiya. The Fuyu are more short and squat and naturally sweet while Hachiya are more conical in shape and taste very astringent unless that are super ripe so make sure they feel super soft then slice it in half and simply spoon our the insides.
  • Persimmons are kind of like papaya–a little sweet and a little savory. Depending on your palate you can add a touch of sweetness like honey or maple syrup to balance the flavor. I love slicing them for toast and blending them into smoothies. I even snack on them as is and often sprinkle the slices with seeds for a bit of crunch.










Lastly, if you are in need of the perfect weeknight meal you have got to try this chicken! It is a staple in my house and I seriously make it every week. It is seasoned with smoked paprika, maple and oregano and to be honest, it is the best chicken I have ever tasted.








{Stumped?} Nutrition and wellness information can be bountiful and confusing. Ask your questions and I will simplify the messages for you! Leave questions in the comments and I will do my best to answer them on the blog this month! 

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