{Mindful Monday} Finding a Sense of Calm During the Chaos of The Holidays

MMThere was a time in my life that went like this: whenever I was asked, “How are you?”, my automatic answer was “So busy”. If you are new to this blog then I’ll fill you in on the fact that this overwhelming sense of continuous chaos is what ultimately forced me to slow down, reassess and do a few things differently…more mindfully.  As we enter into the craze of the holidays this is the perfect time to revisit the idea of being “busy”. Honestly, it is hard not to be over-scheduled and stressed out this time of year. But, that does not mean that you have to fall victim to the chaos. There are plenty of ways to find calm and that is the purpose of today’s Mindful Monday post!

“Those who are wise won’t be busy, and those who are too busy can’t be wise.” ― Lin Yutang

While we are all pretty good at realizing we are stressed, “busy” may be your norm and that is not necessarily a good thing. Here are a questions to ask yourself when you feel like life may be getting a bit out of control.

  1. Are you constantly worrying about what you have to do “next” or “tomorrow”
  2. Do you have trouble sleeping? Are you awake at night worrying about your “to do” list?
  3. Are you zoned out in social situations?
  4. Do you feel like your emotions are a bit out of control?
  5. Are you feeling anxious most of the time?

Here is the good news: just because you are busy it does not mean that has to be your reality! There are so many things you can do (right now) to calm yourself and remember, you are in charge of your reality. Being over-scheduled and crazed is often a choice. Conversely, slowing down and caring for yourself is also a choice and it does not mean you are self-indulgent or lacking in ambition.

Feeling stressed? The first step is hitting the Pause Button. When you hit pause you give yourself the chance to breathe and reflect. I often tell my clients that it is really difficult to change something without knowing where they are starting.

  1. Look at your schedule and prioritize your commitments (and your life intentions while you are at it)
  2. Schedule time for rest as you would any other commitment–a good nights sleep is beyond important
  3. Say no. You do not have to do everything and be everything all of the time
  4. De-clutter. A cluttered space = a cluttered mind. Purge–challenge yourself to throw something out everyday! You will be amazing at how much lighter your spirit will feel.
  5. Breathe. Did you know that ONE really mindful breath can be dramatically calming! Give it a try!
  6. Make time for yourself. Work, family, friends–they are all important, but so are you! We all need to decompress. Take a batch, read a book, take a walk (any exercise will help with stress reduction too), get a massage (oh, that sounds good)…you get the point.
  7. Practice Gratitude! If you have not had a chance–join our #10daysofgratitude challenge on Instagram and Twitter or start your own using the hashtags #10daysofgratitude and #nbthrive

I’m in Panama this week so I am taking my own advice–stepping away from work and the blog (a bit) and allowing you all to do the same! Enjoy the holiday week and the stress-free content that will be posted!

Cheers to a Healthy, Happy, Calm Holiday!







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