{Monthly Morsels} : September Edition

Things you should know September @katiecavutoRDI seriously have no idea where September went and here we are–halfway through October! Sheesh. Don’t you wish we could slow each day down a bit? Another great reminder to savor the moments. While September was speedy is was packed with many goodies. Here is a recap of the past month’s most tasty morsels.

{Nourish} : I spent the first few days of September winding down my vacation in Maine. While that seems like ages ago I still daydream of my days spent hanging on the paddle board, lobster everything and evenings spent roasting marshmallows by the fire. Life is good. There were some great recipes on the blog in September–the top post was this delicious take on Nutella, a DIY Chocolate Nut Butter.  The popularity of this recipe truly speaks to the fact that everyone LOVES chocolate!

{Nutrition Tip of Month} Embrace fats! They are loaded with nutrients and oh, so satisfying! When you are satisfied by a meal you will be less likely to head to the junk drawer to fill that void. Head to the bulk section of your grocery store and choose a small scoop of several raw nuts and seeds. I love pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds and hemp hearts as well as almonds, walnuts and cashews. Remember–there is no #1 nut or seed. Variety is the key. Every nut and seed has it’s own unique nutrient profile that makes it special.

Add all your nuts and seeds to  a mason jar and give it a shake. Store it in the fridge. Sprinkle 1-2 tablespoons onto your low sugar cereal (hot of cold), low sugar or plain yogurt, salads, add it to smoothies and even toss it into your grains!  You can even make a fun nut/seed butter using your mix– try this Turmeric Super Seed Nut Butter– another favorite of mine!

Chocolate Hazelnut Butter










{Breathe} : This month I wrote about choosing joy which is my daily mantra and intention. This helps me feel gratitude in the smallest of moments. Gratitude is one of the key ingredients needed to live a happy, full life. Challenge yourself to #choosejoy everyday!

On a fun note, a few of my yoga shots from Instagram were chosen to be featured on Mind Body Green for National Yoga Month. Yippe! Check it out here 🙂

Yoga, Meditation









{Thrive} : When is the last time you tried something new?  Slowing down and enjoying life has been my motivation this past year–this was the genesis of revamping my blog, my business and well my life.  I tried guitar lessons this month to challenge my norm! It was fun to use my brain in a new and exciting way. I am still such a beginner and continuously encourage myself to stick with it–its hard! Hopefully by next month I can play you something resembling a tune…lol!  Check out these 5 reasons why you should try something new.

Inspiring quotes










{Monthly Musings}:

  • On a non-work note, my little guy started pre-K in September. It has been so fun to see his excitement to learn, make new friends and build little muscles that he didn’t have before!
  • I was busy writing in September! Check out my recipe booklet, “Lighten Up Your Lunch” that was featured in Every Day With Rachel Ray Magazine. My favorite recipes are the DIY ginger ale and the Spiced Carrot Chips!
  • I love helping my clients feel more confident in their kitchens and encourage them to try new ingredients which can be so fun. Here is my article from Philly.com that includes tips for cooking with unfamiliar foods! Check it out and then head to the farmers market and try something new!
  • Lastly, I wrote my first post for the Vitamin G Blog on Glamour.com. It was all about cooking with tea (yes, it is not just for drinking) and their are fun recipes to boot.

Noteworthy new goodies: My go-to sweet treat of late has been Bark Thins. I love the dark chocolate covered pumpkin seed variety the best! They do contain sugar so I limit myself to one or two pieces which totally satisfies. I have  also been indulging in Delicata squash (I eat it a few times a week) ! It is so easy to cook and embodies the flavors of fall. Try this simple recipe to get you started! 

delicata squash







Are you a soup lover? It is that time of year, right? Of course, it is always best to make it yourself (stay tuned for a healthy soup round-up–coming soon!). In the mean time, check out FIG brand soups. They are made with all whole food ingredients (you can buy all of the ingredients in the grocery store!) and very low in sodium. Even better? They skipped the chemical laden can and use an pouch for their packaging. I love the Tuscan White Bean soup and have been known to add extra veggies to the make it more of a meal! Why do I love swapping canned goods for pouches?

  • Many canned foods are lined with BPA which may leak into our foods and can be toxic
  • Pouches are more environmentally friendly, easy to recycle and they make reheating a cinch. Hate the microwave–empty the contents into a saucepan and heat it the old-fashioned way!










{Stumped?} Nutrition and wellness information can be bountiful and confusing. Ask your questions and I will simplify the messages for you! Leave questions in the comments and I will do my best to answer them on the blog this month!


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