{Nourish} Festive Ice Cubes That Make Any Drink Special

Ice_2_sqI am in love with these ice cubes. They are simple, beautiful and have the ability to make a glass of water spectacular. Berries going bad? Herbs overgrown? This is the recipe for you! You can mix and match different types of fruit and a variety of herbs to create flavorful, elegant ice cubes that transform a normal drink from drab to fab. Make a batch for your holiday celebrations this weekend and I promise, they will be the talk of the party!

From sparkling water, iced tea and lemonade to cocktails and more, these festive ice cubes are going to be your new obsession, I swear!

{The How To}

  • Fill 2/3 of an ice cube well with a variety of fruit and herbs. Fill each well with water, freeze for 2 hours and serve!

{Perfect Pairings}

  • {Berries + Mint + Cucumber} –> Lovely in Lemonade
  • {Peaches + Thyme + Basil} –> Perfect for Ice Tea
  • {Lime Zest + Watermelon + Mint}–>Spectacular in Sparkling Water
  • {Grapes + Cucumber + Rosemary} –> Great with Gin + Vodka
  • {Olives + Cilantro + Lime Zest + Peppercorn} –> Bloody Mary Magic
  • {Grapes + Mango + Peach + Orange Zest} –> Wonderful with White Wine
















What ingredients do you love to freeze into ice-cubes?


{Photo Credit: Madison Carroll

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