{Mindful Monday} When is the Last Time You Tried Something New?

THE MOMENT YOU STOP ACCEPTING CHALLENGESThe older I get the more I realize my day to day life can get pretty monotonous. Days and weeks seem to fly by faster and I have moments when I stop and think, what am I even doing? It’s so easy to get stuck in a rut where I feel like I am simply going through the motions to get “it” all done and then I remind myself that I need to make the time to experience truly joyful moments and they don;t have to be anything elaborate. This whole idea of slowing down and enjoying life a bit more has been the motivation behind most of my actions over the past year…including my motivation to revamp this blog.Part of living each moment is challenging yourself to try something new and that is what today’s post is all about! We all have some form of a bucket list, right? You may have yours neatly tuckeed into a notebook, or like me, randomly floating around in your head. Regardless, we have all  a wish list. Things we want to try. Places we want to travel. You know the deal. My bucket list is fairly long as I have always had an adventurous personality. For a while, I was doing a great job of checking things off in a timely matter. Then, I had a kid and outside of checking off that corresponding box, my adventures seemed to standstill. While I by no means view this as a bad a thing, it happened. Hudson’s “firsts” became my priority and most of my own took the back burner.

Believe me, my little guy is 100% my first priority but I have found that it is equally as important to care for myself and sometimes that means having some fun and trying something new.

This week I took my first guitar lesson. I have always had a fascination with the guitar and swooned over great musicians. Hudson started guitar lessons when he was three and I always felt this pang of jealousy. So, I sat it on one of his lessons and that was the push I needed to just do it! Timid yet excited, I purchased a guitar and scheduled the time into my day to take lessons (and, and practice of course….hahaha…I am still working this part out). Regardless, I felt so invigorated! I am proud of myself for trying something new and for challenging myself to break out of the monotony of my day to day.

Here are 5 reasons you should try something new!

  • Need a confidence boost? Try something new. This can be as simple as eating a new food or trying a new exercise class. Remember that new endeavors may not be easy at first–but, just getting out there and giving it a try is a step in the right direction–even it you wind up hating it!
  • Break out of your rut! Boredom can be toxic to make an effort to mix things up. Take a different route on your walk or run. Make a new dish for dinner. Play a new game with your kids or visit a place you have never been before. We have so many opportunities to experience life in a robust way–get out there and do it!
  • New adventures may translate into new friends! Maybe, if you start taking yoga or spin classes, you will meet new, like-minded people that will open up your world to other adventures and experiences as well!
  • When you take a risk and try something new you will learn a thing or two about yourself. Self-discovery is never a bad thing!
  • Pushing yourself to experience life in a full way will help you feel more satisfied in the the day-to-day. The mundane aspects of life may even feel more palatable.

Start small. Forget about perfection and expect that some level of failure may come with the territory. Have fun and pause to appreciate all of the new opportunities that present themselves everyday!

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2 thoughts on “{Mindful Monday} When is the Last Time You Tried Something New?

  1. Beautifully written, Katie. It is so important to take care of yourself and not give up on your God-given dreams. And trying something new shows we can always be lifelong learners. 🙂

  2. Oh how I can relate. Having kids has taken a lot of the adventure out of my life for myself. Everyday is an adventure with the kids – but it’s not the same as pursuing something that would solely be for me. I love how inspiring this post is and good for you for taking up the guitar!

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