{Mindful Monday} Carry Sunshine in Your Back Pocket


I always try to carry some sunshine in my back pocket because, well, you never know when you will need it and it never hurts (other than the occasional butt burn–hahaha) to have it on hand. Today’s post is all about creating a positive mindset because–News Flash–YOU can choose happiness and it can truly exist in any situation–even grief. You just have to choose to harness it!

Choosing Joy–it’s up to you! Here are some tips to keep you swimming in the land of sunshine! It’s Monday–go ahead, jump in!

1. Laugh. I was with a client last week and she told me she enjoyed the blog because it was funny and I was able to laugh at myself. Considering I have been dealing with a lot lately I was happy to hear that my posts still had some levity. I also took her comment as a gentle reminder to keep laughter in my life (and on the blog) because it feels so darn good and is good for all of you. Laughter has a way of drowning out the ick. I mean seriously–it is really hard to be down while you are laughing.

On that note, try to surround yourself with people that make you laugh and make the time to do something silly (often)–it can be alone, with your kids (they will love you for it) or with friends–just do it! On this note–be conscious to surround yourself with positive people and gently avoid people with toxic energy that darken your light.

2. Choose Your Attitude. I used to think this phase sounded annoying and preachy (it still may–if so, sorry–ignore the phrase and just work with me on this one) but then I realized it holds so much truth. We truly can choose the way we feel. You can choose to swim in all the stuff that is going wrong (take it from me, this is like swimming in quicksand–not fun at all!) or you can keep your focus on the positives aspects of each and every moment.  If you take a step back you will realize that there is usually far more good that exists than bad. The key is allowing yourself to see it.

3. Practice Gratitude. I swear, gratitude may be the answer to all things. It is the ultimate medicine. Stuck in the quicksand? Gratitude will save you! Remember that scene in Charlie and Chocolate Factory when then were floating up towards the fan with their fate staring down at them? What did they do? They started burping (not purposefully at first) and with each burp they slowly lowered to safety. Okay–you are probably wondering where I am going with this. I am not telling you to burp to be happy (though it might make you laugh–see tip number one). The point of this story is this: if you are stuck in the quicksand of despair–pause and think of one thing you are grateful for. You will instantly feel a lightness. The more gratitude you harness the more free you will become! Like the burps–gratitude will save you!

4. I’ll end with this. I remember the first time I read this quote. It spoke to me loud and clear and I have carried it with me (in my pocket, with the sunshine.)

You are the sky, everything else is just the weather” –Pema Chodron

Here’s the deal. Everything is temporary. Every emotion–every dark moment–even the happy ones. The sun is still shining even when the clouds are dark and grey! So, harness your sunshine–remind yourself that it is yours and it never goes away. Swim in it often!

Cheers to a Bright and Sunny Week!





One thought on “{Mindful Monday} Carry Sunshine in Your Back Pocket

  1. Katie…that was beautifully written! Thank you for the most perfect reminder that happiness is in your heart regardless of what is going on in your life. I tell my daughters, “You choose to be happy’ just like ‘you choose to be miserable.’ Also please don’t rely on anyone else to make you happy. You will be disappointed. Find your happiness within. You are your brightest star!”

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