{Breathe} Mindful Monday: The Power of Hitting Pause

30cf3d9ea014196346a8e66b9b938576I spent this past weekend in one of the most beautiful places–a friends farm in Newport. When I first arrived I had the same reaction I usually do. I thought, “Wow, this is truly a magical place”. Then, as the day progressed, I realized that I was not taking the time to truly appreciate the beauty of the space. I would get lost looking at my phone or simply flowing through my day as if it were any day. Fortunately, I reminded myself to hit the pause button and gently bring myself back to the beauty of the present moment so that I could truly take it all in. In moments like this, I am reminded of the importance of hitting pause. You see, the pause button is not just to be used in magical or beautiful moments–because we tend to be better at slowing down in those circumstances. The pause button becomes truly important in our day-t0-day lives as it gives us the opportunity to refocus so we are able to see the beauty that exists in every moment. The pause button is a powerful thing. Hitting pause allows us the opportunity to change our perspective. This simple intention can provided a wealth of opportunity. When we pause we are able to pay attention. We are able to appreciate the beauty of the moment and to engage all of our senses to even heighten the experience. When we hit pause we can center ourselves and connect with our emotions. We give ourselves the opportunity to make decisions that may be different than our norm. We become less impulsive and more reflective. We can listen–to ourselves and to others–in a more meaningful way. By hitting pause we be come engaged and responsible for our actions and reactions in a way that can foster happiness, gratitude and an overall appreciation.  The pause button is a very useful tool if you are trying to create any amount of change in your life.

Set the intention this week to pause. Slow down. Listen…See…Hear…Feel…and immerse yourself in the joys of your life and the beauty of you.






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