{Mindful Monday}: Relax, It’s Worth It

defn0010Soon after our trip to Maine last year, Hudson would often ask me, “Mommy, when is it going to be a whole week again?” and then, as the months went by, he resorted to asking me, “Mommy, when is it going to be a whole day again?” as he patiently looked forward to our weekend play dates.  I am happy to say that it is that time again! I am spending the whole week in Maine with my favorite people!  By today we have already been in Maine for a few days (I wrote this ahead so I can really RELAX) and we are settling in and enjoying the time off and the time together!

I heard Hudson as he asked me for more Mommy time and the reality is, I wanted more Hudson time too. So, over the past several months I have been actively trying to RELAX more. I am learning to work more efficiently so that I can prioritize time with my family as that brings me the most joy and that is what life is all about–harnessing the joy! I have been making time to care for myself. I have been taking more deep breaths and aiming to create quiet spaces where I can truly embrace all that I am grateful for. It’s hard–take it from the girl who has thrived on being over-extended her whole life–But, with practice–this relaxation thing can be really rewarding!

{Relax}: This can mean a lot of things so feel free to interpret it as you may but challenge yourself to do it more often! Let go, make time for rest, for family, for fun and, of course for yourself! Life is too short to be stressed out and disconnected all of the time! Slow down, breathe more, smile more and take time to just be!

Relaxing in Maine with Love,




One thought on “{Mindful Monday}: Relax, It’s Worth It

  1. I just got back from 2 glorious weeks on Crescent Lake in Casco, ME. I hope you are having a
    fabulous time wherever you are in Maine. Best place for a great vacation.

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