{Breathe} Mindful Mondays: Knowledge is Power

photo-1428908684367-2fe456a630bbI am super excited to launch our new blog feature: Mindful Mondays! We can all use a little inspiration from time to time and, well, it’s great to start each week with some added motivation. This week is a special week on the blog as I am sharing tips, tricks and goodies geared towards back to school hence the quote about learning! Sure, the summer is winding down but I have always felt this was an exciting time of year! School is back and session which means fall is on the way (yay)! Seriously, who doesn’t love the fall!

Check in all week as we have some great posts and giveaways lined up that you don’t want to miss. Now, a few words on our inspirational quote…

As I offer my clients advice, I often remind them that knowledge is a powerful thing. I encourage them to learn and collect information to arm themselves with the confidence they need to make decisions that feel good to them. Having the knowledge to make a good decision also provides you with the courage to abandon perfection and blur the lines between good and bad.

Here is an example: I often discuss the importance of eating good quality foods. Sure, the gold-standard may be choosing organic, grass-fed and pastured ingredients, but it is unrealistic to expect that this will be the case 100% of the time. With wisdom you understand that a plateful of vegetables, organic or conventional, is always better than no vegetables at all.

I encourage all of you to continue to learn and to collect the facts so that you are armed with the tools you need to feel empowered by the choices you make! Remember, it’s nearly impossible to make the right decision all of the time so, instead, learn from your mistakes, reflect and try, try again!

Happy Learning!




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