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cleaningsupplies[1]A healthy lifestyle involves more than what we eat. We are exposed to harmful environmental toxins many times throughout the course of day! I have become more conscious of the purity of my environment over the past several years through my work with Unite For Her and the breast cancer patients we educate as well as through my own health journey and my attempt to clean up my home. Are you curious about ways you can clean up you lifestyle? Here are some tips on where to begin as well as a few of my favorite, inexpensive DIY product tips!

When I educate clients on conscious living I am commonly met with the reply that buying healthy food and clean household and beauty products is way too expensive! Luckily, after years of hearing this I have armed myself with a tool box of tips and tricks for making clean living habits more approachable and affordable!

Before you implement any change you need to know where you are starting! That takes some reflection and attention to your current lifestyle habits. When it comes to your household and beauty products, a great first step is taking an inventory of what you have and use. It might even be a good idea to rank the products based on those you use most often or even which products tend to be more harmful and toxic. For example–if you use a general cleaner several times a day that may be at the top of the “is this safe” list versus a wood cleaner that you use once a month or so.

When it comes to beauty products you may decide to rank you daily lotion towards the top of the list as you slather it all over your body every single day. Here is the thing with beauty products–we need to remember that our skin is a organ. Think about it–there are products like the nicotine patch and birth control patch–why–because our skin acts as a conduit to the rest of our body! That means that whatever we slather on is seeping in–chemicals and all! Yikes!

Once you have a list I recommend visiting the Environmental Working Groups website. There you can use their resources to investigate the toxicity of your cleaning products and beauty products. Prepare yourself to be shocked by the results as seemingly clean products (I’m looking at you Method Brand) may not be as good as they seem!

Once you collect some information you will likely be eager to make a few changes to the products you are using and this doesn’t mean you will be breaking the bank. Here are my picks for simple DIY household products!

{Coconut Oil} Coconut oil is a must have in the “clean” household as it can be used for many things as is.












{Toothpaste} 6 tbsp coconut oil + 6 tbsp baking Soda + 20 drops of essential oil ( I use spearmint)- mix well and store in a glass jar!











{Deodorant} 4oz Magnesium drops + 15-20 drops of essential oil + a spray bottle * no water needed













{All-Purpose Cleaner} Mix distilled vinegar with water 1:1 ratio and store it in a spray bottle for the perfect kitchen & bathroom cleaner. This works great for pet stains as well!












{All-Purpose Cleaner} 1 cup of water + 2 tsp castile soap + 15 drops of essential oil (I use lemon)- put this in a spray bottle for the perfect all-purpose cleaner!











{DIY Laundry Detergent} 1 shaved bar soap (I use Dr. Bronner’s) + 1 cup borax + 1 cup washing soda

{DIY Drain Cleaner}-3










{DIY Drain Cleaner} 1/4 cup baking soda + 1/2 cup distilled vinegar.  Pour baking soda down your drain and add vinegar.  Let this sit in your drain for 5-10 minutes and flush with hot water.

{DIY Drain Cleaner}-2


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