{Katie’s Picks} Eco Friendly Storeage

To continue with last weeks Earth Day celebrations I put together a round-up of my favorite Eco-friendly storage containers. Moving away from plastic is a conscious living choice that supports your health and the Earth. The production and disposal of plastics has a huge impact on the health of our environment and when it comes to your health, plastics can leach harmful chemicals into your food and drinks. You may balk at the upfront investment associated with making the switch to metal and glass containers but they tend to pay for themselves pretty quickly. The simple act of toting a reusable water bottle will save you money as your disposable bottled beverage intake will go down. Reusable lunch boxes cut costs as well as you wont be buying and tossing a ton of baggies. Curious about other plastic-free goodies? Visit www.lifewithoutplastic.com and/or you could even consider taking the last straw challenge (both metal and glass reusable straws are available!) as a fun first step. Life without plastic means less environmental toxin exposure, more money in your wallet and a healthy planet! Who is in?

Eco-Friendly-Containers 2


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