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It is with excitement and gratitude that I introduce to you the new Healthy Bites Blog:
{Nourish. Breathe. Thrive.}

I have come to the realization that wellness is about more than what we eat– it is about nourishing our mind, body and spirit in a whole way which has inspired Nourish.Breathe.Thrive.

If you are new to this site, welcome! I am so glad you are here. My interactions with each and every one of you truly fill my soul. I feel grateful to play any part in your wellness journey. 

A little about me:

On paper I am a Integrative Dietitian, Chef and Wellness Coach. While these titles definitely permeate my passions in daily life, there is a lot more to my life than my credentials. I’m a mom. Can I stop there? Seriously (insert cliche mom sentiment). I am a heart-on-my sleeve lover of life! I dream big. I love hard. My deep interactions with all of you: my family, my friends, those I work with, and those I meet during the daily rhythm of the day, truly inspire me and flood me with gratitude. I cry often and I’m proud of it. I embrace my imperfections because let’s be real, we all have them, and if you ask me, our ability to embrace our messy lives is a truly beautiful attribute. I love good food, simple recipes, great conversations, travel, and time on my yoga mat. I willingly aspire to appreciate the beauty in the ordinary moments that make my life and heart so full. 

I am actively aspiring to harness the things I love and conversely to let go of the things that, well, just aren’t working for me! After a stressful few years (most of us can relate) I was not feeling my best (physically or mentally) so I made the decision that something needed to change if there was going to be room for healing (I have been sparring with chronic Lyme for a few years now), new adventures and more importantly,  time for myself and my family. So, here I am, wading my way through it all and eager to share this journey with you!

My acupuncturist and colleague casually mentioned the above quote in a recent conversation. It was a gentle and encouraging reminder that there are many obstacles we all have to overcome to truly meet ourselves. I believe this in my core because we all have story– a collection of monumental moments, both trying and joyful, that act as puzzle pieces in our lives. I try my best to learn and grow from every experience as having regrets simply creates a slew of negative emotions which does no good for anyone! Point being, harness the gratitude people. We can find it in the darkest of moments if we no where to look.

I am grateful. My imperfect, often bumpy path continues to influence the person I am (and want to be). Plus, it has energized my life and my work in a truly meaningful way. Now ten plus years  years into working as a dietitian, chef and wellness coach along with a lifetime of self-discovery I feel grateful to have the tools and motivation to empower people to live healthy lives.

My wellness journey began with a 2 decades gymnastics career, and my love for food has been influenced by my Italian family, my travels abroad, and the innate joy I experience in the kitchen. I have grown the most through my time spent with all of you: supporting you through illness, physical and emotional hurdles, and the challenges of day-to-day life. More recently, my spar with chronic Lyme disease gave me the opportunity to find new ways to pursue well-being, for myself and those I work with.

It has become my mission to motivate you to see how easy it can be to live a healthy, joyful life from the inside out. I want to help you change your relationship with food. I want to educate you so that you feel empowered by the choices you make. I want to shift the conversation around eating from one of deprivation and shame, to one that is saturated with positive messages of self-love, self-respect, and joy. We all could use more of it. My food philosophy is rooted in the fact that nutrition and wellness messages are not one-size-fits all. I celebrate whole foods, and our need for simplicity in messages and in life.

“I have been a seeker and I still am, But I stopped asking the books and the stars. I started listening to the teachings of my soul.” -Rumi

The Blog: what you can expect

“Nourish” is a word I use often, and although it usually pertains to food it means so much more. Don’t get me wrong, what we eat plays an integral role in our overall health and that sentiment will by no means be abandoned on this new journey. But, I have learned that healthy eating is less about counting calories and “good” versus “bad” foods and more about self-love. When we love ourselves we are able to simplify out relationship with food!

My nutrition philosophy: Food is nourishing and satisfying! I encourage wholesome food choices and quality ingredients without vilifying nutrients or ingredients. Nutrition is not “one size fits all” so the recipes and content you’ll find here are inclusive of many lifestyle choices with the emphasis on nourishing our bodies! That being said, I think it is important that we eat foods that make our body feel good and for me that means gluten-free and dairy free. Read more here. 

Beyond food, we are able to truly thrive when we nourish our body, mind and spirit and the first step in achieving this is becoming aware of our needs. Self-awareness takes mindfulness, which brings us to Breathe.

“Breathe” is all about hitting the pause button. It’s about slowing down and appreciating the moment. When we take the time to “Breathe” we can gain a better understanding of where we are, what changes we want to make and what we need to let go. Mindfulness is the foundation to understanding our bodies’ needs. It gives us the space to be in control of our choices so that we can thrive. When we take the time to pause and breathe, we offer ourselves the opportunity to assess the moment for what it is and we give ourselves the space to make a decision that may differ from our norm. This allows us to live more consciously. In relationship to this blog, conscious living is as much about providing you with the tools to slow down as it is about providing you with the information to nourish your body well and live more cleanly.

To “Thrive” is to flourish and to me this word evokes emotions like joy, happiness, empowerment, and self-love. When we nourish our mind, our body, and our spirit, we will thrive and embrace the healthiest, happiest version of ourselves! The interactions between our mind and our body are powerful and can directly affect our health. Through the blog, I hope to inspire all of you to live life to the fullest and to appreciate each moment for there is always something to be grateful for! I hope to provide you with information that is empowering and I look forward to sharing my own stories as well as the stories and words of those who inspire me.
What you can expect:

“Nourish” blogs will provide informed, research based nutrition advice, Healthy Bites recipes, tips of raising happy, healthy kids and recipes from our favorite foodie friends and fellow dietitians.

“Breathe” will provide information on mindfulness, meditation, mindful eating, breathing techniques and exercise, all with the goal of fostering self-awareness, health, self-love, and gratitude.

“Thrive” is all about inspiration and well-rounded advice. This is the space where we bring it all together to create a unique wellness experience.

Blogs will be posted two to three times per week.

Let’s do this!













Site Intent:
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    1. Thank you so much! This blog is such a personal journey and it makes me feel great to know others are learning from my experience!

  1. I love what you’ve written! I feel it’s what I need right now. Exactly now! What you wrote about “messy lives” & “imperfections” – so true! And to read how you feel rejuvenated; how grateful you are; & how much you receive in return for helping/inspiring people. Also- that you aren’t at all “preachy” & I’m sure you know what I mean – that makes me feel you are a genuinely kind, sincere person. I hope this will post on your blog. THANK YOU! Please keep doing what you are doing. Life is so fascinating – there is always change, growth, & ALWAYS hope! Thank you! I’m @periwinklepup on IG; my email isperiwinklepup@icloud.com (named after my beloved Golden Retriever “Periwinkle”- my Heart Dog.

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