{Nourish} Move over Mayo: We Love Avocados

As we wind down Heart Month, which has been saturated with chatter about healthy fats, we figured we would pay respect to one of our favorite foods, the avocado.

There is no need to shy away from this green goddess.  The avocado is a nutrition powerhouse with only 50 calories and over 20 nutrients in a 1 ounce serving (about 1 fifth an avocado).  Not convinced?  A recent study  found that when overweight subjects ate half of an avocado with lunch, it curbed hunger and led to less snacking later in the day which makes sense considering fats take longer to digest thus prolonging satiety.  Yes, avocado’s contain fat but don’t worry, the fat’s in avocado are the unsaturated, good fats we want in our diet.  Because this fruit contains fat it boasts that luxurious mouth feel we associate with other high fat foods like cream and butter.  We think this is a major bonus considering we are constantly creating healthy dishes in the Healthy Bites kitchen.  Here are five of our favorite uses for Avocado.

  1. Did you know that mayo is the #1 condiment in the US (it’s more popular that ketchup!)?  We are determined to change that and our first line of defense is subbing a hearty smear of creamy avocado onto our next sandwich and, of course, encouraging you to do the same!
  2. Speaking of mayo and creamy textures, we love adding avocado to salad dressings instead of sour cream or mayo.  Check Back Tomorrow for the Recipe!
  3. Can’t do dairy but craving the creaminess of yogurt in your smoothie?  Avocado added to a smoothie adds a richness and creaminess we are simply in love with.
  4. I bet you have never thought to bake with avocados?  The healthy fats and creamy texture can replace less healthy fats in a recipe.  Try this: Avocado Red Velvet Mini Cupcakes with Honey and Avocado Frosting
  5. Slice it up!  As a topping for soup, chili, a bagel or a plate of eggs…we think avocado makes everything better!

What are your favorite uses for Avocado?

Katie Cavuto MS RD

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