“Live in the sunshine. Swim in the sea. Drink in the wild air.” Emerson

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{Thrive} Movement as Self-Care

One of the best ways to move through emotion is to literally move your body and I’m not talking about hitting the gym for an hour on a scheduled basis. While consistent movement is important to our overall mental health and well-being, movement as self-care can be a real-time, in the moment activity that’s accessible to everyone, truly! Plus, once we get the energy moving it becomes much easier and more productive to “sit with our emotions”.

{Breathe} Mindful Moments: Perfectionism is Anxiety in Disguise

“If I’m perfect I can prevent bad things from happening to me”. This is control in disguise. My wise mind knows this is completely unrealistic (because life happens no matter how perfect I try to be) and my body knows it’s completely exhausting so I’m embracing my new label of perfectly imperfect and learning to trust that it’s enough. 

{Thrive} Change is hard, isn’t it?

We all get stuck in the mud sometimes and the past several months have felt muddy. Muddy and hard and confusing but I’ve been doing my best to trust the process and the lessons that lie within all of these moments. And by moments I mean a lot of transition. Change is so hard, isn’t it?