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October 1, 2019

{Nourish} I Eat To Nourish My Body

“I Eat To Nourish My Body” is the first of the positive intentions I share with my clients. Sit with it for a moment. It feels much different than “I am eating to lose weight” or “I’m eating to avoid illness”


September 23, 2019

{Breathe} Mindful Moments: Perfectionism is Anxiety in Disguise

“If I’m perfect I can prevent bad things from happening to me”. This is control in disguise. My wise mind knows this is completely unrealistic (because life happens no matter how perfect I try to be) and my body knows it’s completely exhausting so I’m embracing my new label of perfectly imperfect and learning to trust that it’s enough. 


January 14, 2020

{Thrive} Movement as Self-Care

One of the best ways to move through emotion is to literally move your body and I’m not talking about hitting the gym for an hour on a scheduled basis. While consistent movement is important to our overall mental health and well-being, movement as self-care can be a real-time, in the moment activity that’s accessible to everyone, truly! Plus, once we get the energy moving it becomes much easier and more productive to “sit with our emotions”.


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